Turnaround Time FAQs

How long does it take to design a website?

This another one of those questions that isn't easy to answer, as there are a lot of factors involved in designing, developing, and launching a website. Theoretically, a very rudimentary site could be designed, developed and launched in a day (I wouldn't recommend doing this, by the way), while a large and complex site could be in development for many months.

Typically, I deal with small to medium-scale sites, with turnaround time generally in the 1-3 month range.

How long does it take to restore a photo?

The time it takes to restore a photo can vary based on the extent of damage to the photo, as well as where the damage appears on the photo. Things like scratches or holes in the background of image are generally quick fixes. Damage to the main subject of the photo can take more time, depending on the subject.

Photos that are extensively damaged might take several hours to restore, and depending upon the original image, the final result might not be worth the effort. I can assess a photo prior to working on and let the client know what to expect, beforehand.