Photo Restoration and Image Editing FAQs

Can you restore some of old photos that have suffered some wear and tear?

Yes, depending upon the condition of the photo to be restored. Some photos that are severely damaged might be beyond hope, as far as my photo restoration abilities go. Things that I can often effectively fix include tears, holes, discoloration, and minor wear and tear.

I usually can tell from the get-go whether or not I'm going to be able to significantly restore an old photo, so if you have photos that you are interested in having restored, contact me, and I'd be happy to take a look at them.

How long does it take to restore a photo?

The time it takes to restore a photo can vary based on the extent of damage to the photo, as well as where the damage appears on the photo. Things like scratches or holes in the background of image are generally quick fixes. Damage to the main subject of the photo can take more time, depending on the subject.

Photos that are extensively damaged might take several hours to restore, and depending upon the original image, the final result might not be worth the effort. I can assess a photo prior to working on and let the client know what to expect, beforehand.

How do you go about restoring a photo?

I start with a hi-res scan of the original photo. Then I follow a multiple-step process to digitally restore the photo back to as close to its original state as possible (or sometimes even improve upon the original state). The final product is then delivered as a digital image file.

Can you remove unwanted items from a photo?

Yes, most of the time I can do this quite effectively. It all depends on the position of the unwanted object, though. For example, if you want to get rid of somebody photo-bombing your shot in the background of a picture, that's typically an easy fix. However, if you want to remove an ex-girlfriend from a group shot of you and your friends, and your ex is in the middle of the group, that might prove to be a more difficult task.

Can you add elements to a photo?

Yes, I can add just about anything into a photo. The key to this being effective is going to be having similar source photos. If you want me to do a composite image of your boss' head on a donkey's body, it helps to have source images of similar image quality. If multiple source photos are of varying resolution, then the final image composition will be limited to the resolution of the source image with the lowest resolution