Logo Design FAQs

How much does a logo cost?

Logo design is a little bit easier to give an estimate on than website, but there is still no magic price for a logo. Depending upon the complexity of the artwork involved and the time put it into the design, the cost of logos can vary dramatically.

Typically, most of the logos that I have worked on have fallen into the $250-$500 range.

What program do you use to design logos?

All the logos that I design are created in Adobe Illustrator (after sketching them out on pencil and paper). Final designs of logos are delivered in the following formats: .AI, .PDF, .EPS. Logos may be delivered in other formats at the request of the client.

I already have a sketch of my logo, can you convert it a vector-based digital format?

Absolutely. I can also offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve upon your sketched concept, should the need arise.

Can you create a sample logo for free, and then I'll decide if I want to pay for it or not?

Unfortunately, no. If I were to just throw something together for a client for sample purposes, I don't think it would appropriately reflect the final product, so I would likely end up spending the same amount of time on a "sample" that I would spend on a final product. I'm not saying that I've actually done this before, but I might have.

My cousin created this logo for me in PhotoShop, can you incorporate it into my marketing documents?

I suppose that I could, but your logo should really be vector-based artwork, whereas PhotoShop is a raster-based program. By creating a logo in a vector-based format, the logo can be scaled to various sizes without any loss in image quality. Raster-based artwork will become pixelated if you try to increase the size of the artwork beyond its original maximum resolution.