Branding FAQs

What is branding and why does my organization need a brand?

A brand is a recognizable visual (typically) representation of your company that communicates your organization's identity to its customers and shareholders, as well as the general public. An effective brand can enhance the perception and recognition of your organization and strengthen customer loyalty.

The marketing of your organization should be centered around your brand, so it is important that you have a strong, recognizable brand that effectively conveys the image and message of your organization and is appealing to your target audience.

My cousin created this logo for me in PhotoShop, can you incorporate it into my marketing documents?

I suppose that I could, but your logo should really be vector-based artwork, whereas PhotoShop is a raster-based program. By creating a logo in a vector-based format, the logo can be scaled to various sizes without any loss in image quality. Raster-based artwork will become pixelated if you try to increase the size of the artwork beyond its original maximum resolution.

I was just at a seminar on branding, and they gave us some great marketing document samples. Can you create something like these centered around my brand?

I sure can, but let's not try to copy the style of the samples you received. Instead, we can create a branding package customized to your needs.