Available Services FAQs

Do you offer web hosting?

GTP Designs does not directly offer web hosting. However, many of my clients host with my partner company New River Computing, which offers website hosting for $50/quarter ($200/year). This hosting fee includes maintenance and support for hosting related issues.

Can you provide photography services for my website or other design?

I offer basic photography services primarily for websites and marketing documents. Typically, the photography that I have done for clients has included product photography, shots of office, general landscape photography, and client portraits (both group and individual). If you need somebody to photograph your wedding or take your family portraits, I probably can't help you there.

Can you restore some of old photos that have suffered some wear and tear?

Yes, depending upon the condition of the photo to be restored. Some photos that are severely damaged might be beyond hope, as far as my photo restoration abilities go. Things that I can often effectively fix include tears, holes, discoloration, and minor wear and tear.

I usually can tell from the get-go whether or not I'm going to be able to significantly restore an old photo, so if you have photos that you are interested in having restored, contact me, and I'd be happy to take a look at them.

Can you remove unwanted items from a photo?

Yes, most of the time I can do this quite effectively. It all depends on the position of the unwanted object, though. For example, if you want to get rid of somebody photo-bombing your shot in the background of a picture, that's typically an easy fix. However, if you want to remove an ex-girlfriend from a group shot of you and your friends, and your ex is in the middle of the group, that might prove to be a more difficult task.

Can you add elements to a photo?

Yes, I can add just about anything into a photo. The key to this being effective is going to be having similar source photos. If you want me to do a composite image of your boss' head on a donkey's body, it helps to have source images of similar image quality. If multiple source photos are of varying resolution, then the final image composition will be limited to the resolution of the source image with the lowest resolution

Do you offer printing services?

No, GTP Designs is not a print shop. However, I have local printers in the area that I work with in order to deliver high-quality printed documents and material directly to clients, who do not wish to coordinate printing services on their own.