Some good advice from Mike Monteiro for designers

WARNING: Just a heads-up, this video does contain profanity, so if you're easily offended by the "F-bomb" you might want to skip it. If you can get past the language, the overall lesson from the lecture is very worthwhile if you're in the design business.

The video above was filmed at the March 2011 San Francisco CreativeMornings lecture. In the presentation, Mike Monteiro discusses how designers can protect themselves (and their clients) by having a solid contract in place BEFORE work begins on a project. Monteiro also addresses the importance of having an attorney and the return-on-investment in doing so. The presentation provides great advice for designers who are just getting started, as well as for those who have been in the business for a while.

Monteiro is the co-founder of the San Francisco based Mule Design Studio.

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