Lytro announces Light Field camera

Lytro™ recently unveiled a new online campaign for its Light Field camera, which uses a "light field sensor" to record vector direction of light rays. Traditional camera sensors don't record the vector direction of light rays. So, what's the advantage of capturing the direction of the light rays? Well, according to Lytro™, this technology allows for focusing to take place AFTER a photo is captured.

The new Light Field camera uses software to handle focusing and, according to the information provided by Lytro™, will allow photographers to select points of focus on a photograph after the image has been capture. The first Light Field camera is scheduled to be available to the general public this year and is expected to be comparably priced with traditional compact digital cameras.

While I don't really buy into the notion that this technology will revolutionize the digital camera world or make existing cameras obsolete. It's interesting enough tech. for me to at least want to give it a look when the camera hits the market. However, I won't be throwing away my DSLR anytime soon.

For more information visit, the Lytro™ website.

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