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Finally! Apply gradients to strokes in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe has released another "Sneak Peek" video for Illustrator CS6. This one shows off a feature that has been requested for years by Illustrator users. With the release of Illustrator CS6 users will now be able to apply gradients along strokes, as well as across strokes.

Adobe shows off Illustrator CS6 pattern creation tool

Adobe released a "sneak peek" video last week for one of the new tools to be featured in the upcoming Illustrator CS6. The pattern creation tool is designed to speed up the process of creating vector-based seamless pattern tiles within Illustrator.

Wacom Inkling lets you transfer from paper to vector

Wacom's Inkling device looks like it could potentially remove the step of having to scan in sketches to then be traced or re-dawn with a tablet, for those who practice this method.

The mystery of disappearing fonts in Adobe CS (lllustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop, etc.)

If you are using any of the Adobe CS (Creative Suite) line and some of your fonts have mysteriously disappeared or you are all of the sudden getting dreaded missing fonts warning when you open a document that you created on your machine (with the fonts that you USED to have), your problem might be associated with having upgraded to a newer version of your CS product.

Illustrator Tutorial: How to create an orange peel effect

The question of how to create this effect came up over in the Adobe forum for Illustrator. The “orange peel” example serves as a good introduction to using map art with the 3D Revolve Effect, so I decided I’d go ahead and do a step-by-step tutorial of how to create this effect. This tutorial is intended for intermediate Illustrator users and above.

Orange peel images
Orange Peel Effect created in Adobe Illustrator

Tutorial – Create realistic clouds in Adobe Illustrator

realistic cloud adobe illustrator thumb

This tutorial will teach you a method to create realistic clouds using Adobe Illustrator (CS4 or higher). Since these clouds are created using vector graphics, they can be scaled to any size without a decrease in image quality. This tutorials is intended for intermediate to advanced Adobe Illustrator users. If you get lost on using some of the palettes or tools in this tutorial, you might want to try one of my Beginner tutorials. Also, due to the fact that the technique used in this tutorials takes advantage of variable opacity gradients, this method will only work in Illustrator CS4 (if you are using an older version, a work-around would be to use opacity masks).

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