Archives - June, 2011

Lytro announces Light Field camera

Lytro™ recently unveiled a new online campaign for its Light Field camera, which uses a "light field sensor" to record vector direction of light rays. Traditional camera sensors don't record the vector direction of light rays. So, what's the advantage of capturing the direction of the light rays? Well, according to Lytro™, this technology allows for focusing to take place AFTER a photo is captured.

Google introduces Search by Image feature

Google recently introduced a new feature to Google Images that allows users to do a search based on an actual image rather than a string of keywords. The new feature allows searches based on images to be done either by drag-and-dropping online images or by select images on your local machine. Results from the Search by Image feature include:

  • Page results based on Google's "best guess" of the content contained in the image
  • A list of visually similar images
  • Pages that include matching images