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Google introduces Search by Image feature

Google recently introduced a new feature to Google Images that allows users to do a search based on an actual image rather than a string of keywords. The new feature allows searches based on images to be done either by drag-and-dropping online images or by select images on your local machine. Results from the Search by Image feature include:

  • Page results based on Google's "best guess" of the content contained in the image
  • A list of visually similar images
  • Pages that include matching images

Some good advice from Mike Monteiro for designers

WARNING: Video contains profanity.

Just a heads-up (in case you missed the video's title), this presentation does include some profanity, but the overall message of the lecture is very worthwhile for any designers who have ever run into problems with being properly compensated for work.

Internet Explorer 6.0 err, I mean Internet Explorer 9 released to public

Internet Explorer 9 image
Internet Explorer 9 (or is it Internet Explorer 6.0?)

I'm not really sure why, but after having recently installed Internet Explorer 9 (64-Bit) on my PC, whenever I visit any sites using Microsoft's brand-spanking new browser, the title tag of a visited site is followed by "IE 6.0 (6.00.2900.2180) (Microsoft Internet Explorer)." Interestingly enough, version 6.00.2900.2180 is Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP SP2 (I'm running Win7 Pro 64-Bit, for the record).

Winona Chiropractic Center website fiasco - unpaid designer takes frustrations public

The Winona Chiropractic Center has been catching a lot of buzz on the web this weekend, due to a "fed up" web designer who was apparently never paid for any of the work he had done on the company's website. Letting frustration get the best of him, designer Brett Terpstra swapped out the content of Winona Chiropractic Center's site with some "original" content of his own, which called out the company for not ever having paid its web design bill using some sarcastic jabs. The "edited" site ended up going viral via Twitter and Facebook, and also landed on a article, on Friday.

Introducing the new (and hopefully improved) GTP Designs website!

Welcome to the newly redesigned GTP Designs website. The new site is running off of Expression Engine 2, which will hopefully allow me to keep the site content fresh and up-to-date. I still have a few more older clients to add to the Portfolio page and the FAQ is something that I envision to be continuously updated and edited.

8×8 13×5 (aka 64=65) Geometry Problem Illustrated

8x8 = 5x13 geometry problem thumbnail

I consider geometry to be a fairly important aspect of design, so when I came across the classic 8×8 13×5 “optical illusion” (it’s actually more of geometry problem) over the weekend, I decided to put together a little video illustrating the hole in the 8×8 rearranged into 13×5 problem.

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